Corner Quoins

Dating back to the Romans, masonry blocks, called quoins were added to stone, marble and brick structures as a frame and for structural stability. During the European Renaissance, the architectural detail had a major resurgence as a rusticated decorative. RRP can provide these design elements at a fraction of the cost.

Corner Quoins make a classic upgrade in the appearance of a home. They can be installed either during the initial construction phase or added afterwards. Corner Quoins accent the corners of your house, giving it the illusion of sturdiness and elegance. Our quoins are cast from concrete and are heavy and imposing, unlike the many Styrofoam quoins being offered at similar prices to our product. They should be adjoining without spacing to best reflect the construction techniques of the Renaissance, when they actually bore the weight of the walls.

Installation should be completed by an experienced contractor or stone mason. They adhere using epoxy glue and screw brackets. Caulking is recommended around the joints once the quoins are installed, and you can paint them any color of your choosing with any exterior masonry paint.

For reasons of symmetry, each size is offered kin a full version and another two inches shorter. When mated together, the 2” thickness of one quoin adds 2” width to the adjoining quoin. There is a minimum order of 20 pieces. Sizes can be mixed. All of the above quoins are available 4” thick by special order to accommodate 4” brick interface. All prices are shown below. Quoins are delivered in wood crates. FOB New York.