Interior Doors

Interior doors play a major role in capturing the aesthetic intent as well as framing the interior design of a home. Often, choosing color is the only option for a limited selection of doors. However, RRP offers one hundred different door styles… a menu of vast architectural choice rather than a small selection of common, everyday patterns. Also, at RRP, if a one-of-a-kind design is desired, a team of talented, professional, craftsman, are in place ready to build to specification.

Renaissance offers products that are constructed in the tried-and-true methods perfected over the decades by the construction manufacturing industry. Solid oak veneers over MDO cores provide; stability, soundproofing and have been proven to stand up to warping in humid conditions.

Today’s highly competitive market drives manufacturers of mass-produced products to spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising and marketing. Their products are good, and reliable, but they are also expensive. Prices of doors and windows are impacted greatly by the need of the industry’s most recognized names to recover ad cost in the price of every item they sell.

RRP offers the same quality, in the hundreds of choices, but at a substantially reduced price.

We are custom manufacturers. We can modify any design to your liking. Please email us (see the Contact heading) and we will respond quickly to your request.

Door Parts Explained

Door Parts Explained

Our Production Facility

Door Construction
This cutaway demonstrates how our doors are constructed. We make them only this way. We do not have a lesser, less expensive method of manufacture.
  1. Door Style: We offer almost 100 different styles. All doors are mortise and tenon assembly. Doors are carved on two sides. All doors are composite construction (see illustration). If the finish you choose does not require wood grain to show, we use Eucalyptus veneer, or outer layer. If wood grain is desired, we use imported American oak veneer. We do not recommend solid wood construction because of a possibility of warping. 
  2. Door Size: Standard sizes are 30” x 80”-and 36” x 96”-both same price. Standard door thickness is 2”. All doors come pre-hung. We do not drill holes for door handles-this is normally done by the installer.
  3. Jamb Size: Minimum 4”. Your architect or builder should furnish this measurement. You must be very sure it is accurate. The exterior trim butts up against the jamb. We will add to the size your furnish to accommodate the trim on both sides.
  4. Exterior Trim: Inside and outside trim is provided for all doors, that butt up against the jamb. The style of trim matches the door design itself.. Standard width is 3”.
  5. Hinges: There are 3 finishes of hinges to choose from: chrome, black and brass. Doors are hinged at the rearmost section of the jamb. There are 4 hinges per door.
  6. Colors: Many color choices are provided. 
  7. Double Doors: You can specify double doors that close into each other, and when doing so should order a quantity of two. These doors will be mirror-image matched.
  8. Custom Modifications: Some doors are shown in a 2-tone finish. This option, plus many others, are available since these doors are custom made to your order. Please select the item you are inquiring about, and save to your profile. Then email us with your request. We will, quickly respond to your inquiry.

Composite Construction

Composite construction consists of a thin layer of hardwood with an interior of lighter filler wood to save weight and prevent warping over time. This is a standard manufacturing technique worldwide. See illustrations below.
Oak Wood imported from United States.
Oak Wood imported from United States.