Parquet Floors

Parquet Floors, (sometimes called Versailles Floors), are panels of interwoven solid wood pieces cut into squares, rectangles and triangles, then fitted together in a variety of patterns. It was invented specifically for the Palace of Versailles. King Louis XIV insisted on something never seen before in luxury residences.

Add elegance and sophistication to your home with a flooring that brings excitement and style to any room. Parquet Floors have a richness that is unmatched, and have been gracing mansions, château’s and villas since the 17th century.

Parquet Floors as seen in the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris, construction started 1614.

Don’t be confused. Many makers offer “fake” parquet which has a printed surface. Others offer a similar product, where the buyer is responsible for placing the individual wood pieces in position. The buyer must also do color finishing and coating on installation-an expensive process. In contrast, our are delivered installed on a sturdy 1/2" board and are pre-finished and coated..

Installation should be completed by an experienced contractor or flooring expert. They adhere using epoxy glue depending on your subfloor. They panels come in one size only, 24” x 24” and the design is symmetrical. They come finished in either lite or dark, and have a clear-coat finish on top of the finish for protection.

It is recommended that parquet floors remain wrapped in the room(s) where they will be installed for 14 days to acclimate to the atmosphere where they are being installed. They come packed 5 panels to a carton. Minimum order 50 pieces.

Parquet floors are available in three styles: Herringbone, Starburst and Versailles. Each is available in a lite and dark finish.

Herringbone (lite finish), Starburst (dark finish) and Versailles (lite finish).