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Renaissance Residential Products specializes in reproduction of building materials from Roman times, and the Renaissance. These products are not normally available in the United States, so we assembled a group of suppliers, who have proven to be very reliable and consistent with their products and delivery dates. We represent fabricators in Italy, China, Egypt, India and Lebanon.

You can see our standard products, items that can be visualized and easily ordered by signing up for an account and creating a favorites list that you can forward to us for processing. You can also request a price for custom-designed products in our featured products section further down on the home page.

Orders normally take 3-4 weeks to produce, plus shipping time. All items FOB New York or Los Angeles. Terms require a 50% deposit, and the balance upon arrival in the United States. All orders are sent directly to our sales representative in your area, who will contact you to check the order and further process it.

We are very responsive and guarantee all products. You will enjoy working with us. And we appreciate your business very much.

Renaissance Residential Products was established in 2018 to import to the United States high-end building products not produced in the USA or if so, at very high prices. Our sources are in Asia and western Europe. The quality of our products equals or exceeds that of local manufacturers. Due to low overhead and labor costs, we are able to sell our products for between 25-40% less than similar products offered locally. Our products are best suited for traditional homes.

We offer very responsive service and delivery, usually taking no more than 2-3 months for the largest custom orders. Delivery to the buyer’s home is included in our pricing.

We are equipped to modify most products to order. Please email us with your inquiry and we will respond quickly.

Se Habla Espanol-We Speak Spanish.

Discounts available to contractors' bulk orders.

Please review our product lines so see our very unusual offerings. Thanks for viewing out site!

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